MM23 image by H. Hardin


Forms at       - Most NFA Forms can be completed and printed online

The Law

Jim Bardwell’s NFA FAQ - Required reading for the NFA community
Jim Bardwell’s home page - A vast resource of information
ATF C&R List                 - NFA items on the C&R list can be received interstate by C&R licensees
Jim Jeffries’ Articles         - The famous “When the ATF Comes A-Callin’”

NFA For-Sale/Discussion Boards

Sturmgewehr   - Free posting (but follow the rules)
Subguns         - Fun while it lasted
Snugbus         - Not so new kid on the block, but full of the usual subjects

Other NFA Links - Excellent English translations of original German small arms manuals           - High quality CT scan gun images suitable for framing or on a t-shirt


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